There always has time for the good beer
Ja, I'm Corporal Gilbert Beilschmidt of the Stationary Guard.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask the awesome me. Don't forget to bring the beer.

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And I'm who everyone knew who//shot
I'm Mieu ))





One hour til we going to catch the plane, I feel so nervous ;;7;;

Unexpectedly, we will have to catch 3 planes, means our trip will more than 24 hours ;;A;; omg I feel so nervous sob sob


My health conditions going down lately. My eyes can’t focus long as gets dazzled after some hours.

I’m sorry for being inactive lately as slow on replying people.

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((Headcanons for Gilbert , I’m suck in writing

Will update if I have more.

people mentioned above are




18- Kiss underwater

17- Goofy kiss

16 - Upside down kiss

Toris Lautinaitis

Member of the Stationary Guard and mostly in caring of the canon force.

He is pretty naive in my personal thoughts, but actually when it’s going down, he has some skills after all.

Can’t say we are in a good term of the relationship, he is kinda…want to avoid me after all.Psst.Virgin.

15- Kiss in the rain

#too late
//The kiss event is closed, please stop sending it in